Hi fellow Private Voyeur,

The chat room is a great way to meet new friends online from around the world. Below are two chatroom features that you can use while you are chatting.

Private Chat

You have the ability to chat with everybody who is in chat or you can also use the Private Chat feature which allows you to chat with another user without anybody else being able to read your discussion. To do this, simply click on the username of the person you wish to privately chat with (you must click on the username in the chat bar of users and not within the chat room interface). Three options will appear: Dialogue, Ignore, and Unignore. Select 'Dialogue' for private chat. To chat with the entire room again, click on 'Dialogue' a second time.

Ignore Option

Occasionaly there will be users who are bothersome but it is easy to stop them from pestering you with their comments. You can choose to Ignore them. This option will make it so that you no longer see any of the comments that they make while you are in the chat room. To do this, click on the username of the problem user and then click on the 'Ignore' option. From that point on, you will not see any messages from that user. Therefore, if somebody is making rude comments, it is possible for everybody in chat to simply ignore that person :-)

Happy Chatting!!!